4 Reasons Your Body Craves Sugar + What To Eat Instead

“If gut bacteria are getting the right kind of fuel, it sends messages to the brain that it’s happy3, and we don’t have to go looking for additional food.” When gut bacteria aren’t getting the right nutrition, however, the brain sends out an SOS signal, saying it needs energy fast. The quick fix is often sugar.

But one thing that’s much better for your gut health, Gundry says, is prebiotic fiber—a nondigestible fiber that nourishes beneficial gut bacteria, halting cravings.

Prebiotic-rich foods include nuts, bananas, oats, and apples. “MCT oil also feeds gut bacteria,” Gundry adds. “It’s a fat that’s absorbed directly from the gut into the blood and liver. From there it’s converted into ketones that provide fuel for the brain.”

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