5 Unique Caribbean Hidden Gems To Explore 

San Andres Colombia San Andrs is a coral island in the Caribbean Sea. West si of the Island have good diving spots like this shipwreck

The Caribbean is famous for its stunning natural beauty, from the pristine china-white beaches to tranquil blue waters and year-round tropical weather, and you don’t need us to tell you that. The islands’ beauty is no secret. However, many well-known islands across the archipelago are packed with thousands of tourists throughout the year. 

Despite this, thousands of islands make up the Caribbean island chain, meaning there are hundreds of uncrowded and even completely untouched places to explore and discover your slice of tropical paradise. Let’s dive in and learn some unique hidden gems for your next Caribbean adventure. 


In the eastern Caribbean, the outer island of Guadalpoue is an often overlooked French overseas territory dotted between Dominica and Antigua & Barbuda. While it’s a less frequented island by tourists, Guadalupe certainly holds its own in terms of beauty and Caribbean vibes.  

The island is butterfly-shaped, no, we’re not joking, and the coastline showcases stunning white sands, coral reefs, and azure waters to rival even The Bahamas and Puerto Rico. While Guadalupe is another beautiful sun-drenched Caribbean island, it recovers significantly fewer visitors than some of its more famous rival islands.

It also boasts some other unique drawing points, from striking volcanic black sand beaches, imposing volcanoes, and a dramatic coastline, with large, powerful surf, on the west coast, to pretty coves and tranquil waters on the east. This french island could be the ideal destination for your next Caribbean venture. 


Anguilla is a tiny island between the British Virgin Islands and St Kitts & Nevis. Despite its size of only 35 square miles, Anguilla is just as stunning as its neighboring islands. With sparkling, crystal clear blue waters and white sands surrounding it, the place offers plenty in the way of island paradise. 

In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the island’s abundant spoils with significantly fewer tourists than in more well-known islands. Combine that with top-of-the-range luxury resorts and incredible restaurants you have the recipe for an unforgettable beach escape. A place to truly relax and unwind from the stresses of modern life. 

Rosario Islands

Colombia likely doesn’t come to mind when you think of the Caribbean. While the country is famous among backpackers and digital nomads, it isn’t exactly synonymous with a Caribbean island paradise. 

However, just off Cartagena’s coast, the Rosario islands can rival even the most popular Caribbean Islands. The Rosarios are only an hour’s boat trip from Cartagena’s bustling tourist town and are incredibly beautiful. Thirty tiny islands make up the islands and serve as the perfect getaway spot to relax on white sandy beaches and swim in crystal clear waters. 

Del Rosario Islands archipelago known as coral islands.

Trinidad & Tobago 

Trinidad is another less visited island for reasons unbeknown to us. But fewer visitors doesn’t mean the coast lacks fantastic beaches or oceanside beauty like the rest of the Caribbean. T&T is significantly larger than other islands we’ve explored on this list, giving you the opportunity to explore and discover some beautiful untouched island gems. 

Trinidad and Tobago exudes the Caribbean vibe, with fewer tourists, white sand beaches, deep blue waters, and palm trees lining the shore. We’re talking pirates of the Caribbean-esque location. Heading inland, you’ll be treated to dense rainforests, picturesque waterfalls, and epic trails just begging to be explored. So, for the perfect combination of beauty, a relaxed beach vibe, and jungle adventure, T&T could be precisely that. 

La Tortuga, Venezuela 

Venezuela is perhaps the last place that connotes a picture-perfect island paradise. Despite the mainland’s dangerous reputation and harsh realities, the island of La Tortuga, sitting off the northeast coast, is a stunning Caribbean island. 

An island overlooked or completely unknown to many tourists, but one that hosts palm tree fringed ribbons of golden white sands to rival any other island in the archipelago. What sets this island apart from the rest is that you’ll enjoy it with minimal other tourists and for a fraction of the price of the better-known Caribbean islands. 

St Kitts & Nevis 

Lesser known but no less stunning than anywhere in the Caribbean. We’re talking striking, green mountains dropping dramatically into the blue ocean below, with small mellow tows and golden sand beaches nestled between the hills. 

The fantastic scenery and mellow vibe of the island create a super unique and unforgettable Caribbean destination. The larger island of St Kitts is dwarfed by the Liamuiga volcano, a dormant volcano that creates a striking backdrop to the many photos you’ll be snapping of the coastline here. 


With thousands of miles of coastline, thousands of coves, hidden beaches, and waters, the Caribbean is no place “ruined” by tourists, far from. While the main tourist hubs are ridiculously crowded, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore and find an untouched slice of the Caribbean all to yourself. 

Whether you’re heading off on a Caribbean adventure for the first time or exploring during a Jamaican beach wedding, we’d highly recommend checking out some of these lesser-known destinations. 


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