6 steps to tackling a 30+ day Contiki trip like a pro

Okay, so it’s not quite Plato. But trust me, it’s important. 

One of the (many) benefits of Contiki coach travel is that you’ll drop off your luggage as soon as you leave one accommodation, and won’t have to worry about it again ’til you arrive at the next one. That said, when it comes to luggage, lighter and smaller is always better. Always. Especially if you’re taking a backpack. 

Don’t worry about bringing garments and undies for every day of your trip. Trip Managers are no strangers to the plight of the eager-to-wash traveller, and they’ll be all too happy to recommend the best laundrettes along the way. 

Remember to pack your most reliable clothes. Your go-tos that you take everywhere won’t disappoint you here. And trust me, if it looks bad in your mirror at home, it’ll look worse in a hotel room after it’s been folded up in your case for days on end. If in doubt, leave it out! The same goes if it’s likely to get stained. If needs be, you can always pick up items while you’re away.

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