A Big Ol’ List Of 40+ Ways To Use A Health Coach Certification

In conversation with mindbodygreen co-founder, Jason Wachob, Clinical Nutritionist & mbg Class Instructor, Kelly LeVeque said, “There is a big enough demand that now insurance companies are looking to reimburse health coaches for their services and doctors offices, like functional MDs, are hiring health coaches.”

If you are interested in health coaching, we recommend enrolling in a National Board for Health & Wellness (NBHWC)-approved training program (like mindbodygreen’s). The NBHWC is a nationally recognized organization that has become the gold standard in the health coaching industry and operates to ensure that professionals within this field are qualified and up-to-date on best practices. The NBHWC offers health coaches the opportunity to sit for an exam and earn the National Board Certification credential, NBC-HWC.

Once you’re certified, there is a wide range of career paths available for health coaches. We’ve rounded up a list of 40+ options to give you a sense of the (pretty much endless) professional possibilities:

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