Are You A Bedtime Procrastinator? Study Says It Can Worsen Anxiety

For this study, researchers wanted to know if factors like total sleep time and bedtime procrastination had any association with anxiety and/or sleep problems.

To test this, just over 300 participants (with an average age of 33) completed a questionnaire on their psychological health, as well as sleep behaviors, over the course of two weeks.

And sure enough, bedtime procrastination was linked with worse sleep outcomes, as well as mental health issues. Namely, the reportedly more anxious patients tended to engage in bedtime procrastination more frequently, were sleeping less, and having more sleep difficulty than the less anxious participants.

And as far as why exactly people procrastinate bedtime, the answer is somewhat unclear, the researchers note. But what is clear, however, is that anxiety, bedtime procrastination, and sleep challenges seem to go hand-in-hand.

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