Bella Hadid Put Her Y2K Twist on Princess Leia Buns — See Photos

Bella Hadid has been living the pigtail life lately. The supermodel has been experimenting with braids and buns all summer and fall, making us want to unleash our inner child, and her latest look is another throwback classic that pays homage to a true hairstyling icon.

Hadid showed off her functional twist on the legendary Princess Leia “cinnamon buns” hairstyle in an Instagram gallery about a recent skydiving experience. Yes, you read that right — Hadid wore her hair in braided buns to jump out of a plane. “My toxic trait is making people I love jump out of planes with me,” the model wrote in her caption, adding that she donned a special “lucky” Alaïa catsuit for the occasion too. Oh, to live such a glamorous life.

Leave it to Hadid to make jumping out of an airplane look stylish. To keep her hair secure while airborne, Hadid styled it in slicked-down, middle-parted braided knots worn behind her ears instead of Princess Leia’s ear-covering buns. The style kept her hair pulled back and out of her face and provided ample space for her safety goggles, which gave the look a TRL-worthy vibe. The model wore minimal makeup, which makes sense; you don’t want false lashes flying off or lip gloss catching all sorts of particles when you’re hurtling down toward earth on a parachute. Instead, she wore just a hint of lip color and rocked a deep burgundy manicure, the perfect blend of functionality and fun.

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