Billy Porter Wore Cornrows and Feather Earrings to Get His Star on the Walk of Fame – See Photo

Billy Porter saluted his induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week by sharing a passage from author Marianne Williamson’s New York Times bestselling book, A Return to Love. Before the recitation, he introduced the quote with his own words, “I hope that these words will inspire everyone under the sound of my voice to understand and know that you are enough, we are all enough, just as we are.” Hairstylist Kali Patrice shared a snippet of the inspiring speech on Instagram.

Then, when it came time for the official unveiling of the Billy Porter star, the performer looked down to admire it — and in turn, gave us a front-row seat to his straight-back cornrows tied into a neat low bun, as styled by Patrice.

The hairstylist braided one cornrow thicker than the rest down the center of his hairline.  Take a closer look at the back of the style, and you’ll see that two neighboring braids cross each other’s paths right before falling into the bun. The details of the protective hairstyle were subtle, but impactful. 

Porter shares a huge with his sister, Mary Martha Ford, at the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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