Brandy Looks Like a Pink-Haired Afrofuturistic Deity in Recent Instagram — See Photos

Brandy got fans very excited about potential new music with her recent Instagram post on December 1. The image in question features Brandy looking like an android in pastel pink straight hair, bangs, and a gilded bodysuit.

At first glance, we too thought this photo was an album cover. But it turns out it’s not an album cover — or a real photo. It’s actually the work of graphic artist Ozriy, which explains why Brandy looks like she’s from a completely different world. Ozriy gave the R&B icon straight, cotton-candy-colored hair, with wispy bangs slightly parted down the middle. Her dark roots transition into the gorgeous rosy color with most of the hair swept behind her shoulders.

The second image in the post features a slightly pulled-back shot of Brandy with her roots out of the frame and a better shot of the bangs. This time the fringe is chopped into a V-shape that descends right between her brows, giving them an almost extraterrestrial vibe that fits this afrofuturistic design.

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