Energy Report December 2022: Expect Fun & Forward Movement

When I tune into the first weekend of December, I see it as big waves—and maybe some choppy seas—but there is also a joyful quality to it. Fitting energy for Sagittarius season, right? So let’s get wild and laugh as we run into the fire! After the last month we’ve had, it’ll be a welcome change of pace. 

This will look different for everyone, but the energy could show up as something like plans not working out, for example, but actually having more fun than if things had gone the way you thought they would. Or going for a drive and getting lost, then discovering your new favorite thrift store and running into old friends. It has an “adventure awaits” feeling to it. 

Then as we go into the following week, there is a full moon on December 8. This week starts off feeling pretty grounded—the image I’m getting is like when you get in your car, put your seatbelt on, and you’re safe and know where you are going.

This is the second driving metaphor I’ve used this month and that’s no accident! There is a lot of movement happening and a sense pondering: Do you feel confident in the direction you are going? Are you feeling sure of where you’re heading, or is it time to reassess some things? In the beginning of that week, it feels like reassessment is in order! 

When the full moon comes in, this is where the reassessing may start. Like, “Pump the brakes! Hold up! I like where I am now, but what about long term?” It feels like clarity is coming through, and it would be a great time to consciously connect with it through a practice like meditation.

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