Four Tips for Dressing in the Workplace

For most of us, we are long past the days of dressing in formal suits and tailored dresses to the office. Most of us now work from home, so all office attire surrounds pajamas and comfy jeggings. There are fewer companies now that require a strict formal dress code for their employees, because employers are now waking up to realize that people are spending upwards of eight hours a day at work and comfort is key. 

People shouldn’t be forced into stuffy Blazers and high neck tops if what they want to do is find some really comfortable women’s workwear pants and just sit comfortably in their chairs. A casual dress code can create a sense of ease for employees, and while there is a time and place for meeting wear, you need to be as comfortable as possible while still looking presentable at work. So, here are some of the best tips for dressing in the workplace.

Ask your boss the dress code

It’s an obvious one but understanding the dress code of your business is important. Look at the photos through the website to gauge how they expect their employees to dress or read the company handbook. If the company doesn’t actually have a dress code on its website, call the office and ask. No matter what the dress code is, whether casual or business attire, you should always be wrinkle free, clean and your clothes should fit. There are some industries that have more conservative dress codes than others, and it can be essential for you to find out what those are before you turn up for work wearing the wrong clothing.

Look around you

When you are just starting out, and you are heading to a position interview, check out what people are wearing in the office when you are there. You can engage the dress code just by looking at what the people who currently work there are wearing. You want to stay comfortable, and you can still be comfortable in business attire, it’s just a case of swapping pencil skirts for comfy work pants. Also, flipping over the heels for flat shoes is also going to help.

Are you sitting at your desk all day or are you going to be running errands? Are you going to important meetings or are you working from home? If you’re going to be sitting most of the day, you need to be comfortable so that you can remain productive. Nobody can be productive at their desk if they are feeling cinched in by the address or they aren’t feeling too good about what they’re wearing. If you are running errands, you still need to be smart but that doesn’t mean you should be hemmed in by your clothes. Wear comfortable shoes that are flat on the bottom and make sure that your trousers on your top are roomy and breathable.

Always keep spare shoes on your desk

Nobody wants to walk to the office wearing dress shoes when they should be wearing galoshes because it’s pouring rain outside. Keeping a spare set of shoes is smart. You can keep your dress shoes polished and tidy in the bottom drawer of your desk, and you can wear shoes that are able to withstand mud and rain instead.


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