Fun and Kid Friendly things to do in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most visited countries in the Middle East and around the globe. There exist a multitude of reasons due to which individuals plan a trip to the UAE. While some aim to pursue their career, others plan a vacation with family and friends.

Dubai and Sharjah are amongst the jewels of this crown, modern cities comprising beautiful skyscrapers, malls, hotels, resorts, and many more. Families often book tickets and plan their vacations in the UAE for an enthralling experience. You can get many offers on event tickets for sale as well when purchasing for a whole family.

The UAE has activities for everyone in the family; parents can visit malls, kids can enjoy amusement parks, and they can visit deserts, beaches, and popular eateries. With a multitude of awe-inspiring locations, some of the best for kids specifically are as follows; 

Amusement Parks

There are many themed parks in the UAE and, more specifically, Dubai. Some are based on cartoons, some on fictional tales, but the most visited one is Legoland. 

Legos are most children’s go-to toys, as plastic building blocks can be used in several ways. The universe of Legos is not only restricted to building blocks, movies, and video games but also has many amusement parks. 

Legoland in Dubai is a must for families visiting the UAE as they offer colorful and exciting rides, exhibits, events, and interactive activities. 

Outdoor Parks

UAE has a number of exciting and unique themed parks all over the country. The Aventura Park is an outdoor, wilderness-themed park in Dubai and has the largest zipline network in the city. 

You and your kids can spend some time on the screens by participating in fun outdoor activities such as wall climbing, zip lining, nature walking, and relaxing in a serene location.


Malls are located all around the UAE, each having something different to offer; however, the Dubai Mall has it all. The Dubai mall is an all-in-one package for families, consisting of everything you need to enjoy your leisure time.

Not only does it have hundreds of shops and tasty eateries, but it also has numerous different activities and experiences to offer. 

You and your kids can spend time at the beautiful Dubai Aquarium, learn ice skating in the ice rink, visit other realities in the VR park, and enjoy the Trampo extreme, a trampoline park.


Taking your kids to museums is as important as any other activity as they learn about history and art. 

The museum of Illusions is a mind-boggling place of visual and interactive illusions. You can take memorable pictures at the 3D World Selfie Museum in Dubai, which has many colorful three-dimensional pictures. 

Madame Tussauds museum of wax figures can be an enjoyable day for you and your kids as you hang out with popular celebrities and historical figures. 

Water Parks

You can explore the wonder and beauty of aquatic life in various water-themed parks in the United Arab Emirates. Swim and interact with dolphins as they show their skills at Dolphin Bay. 

Get your kids to pet them, swim with them and watch their jumping and dancing tricks. At the Sea Lion Point, your kids can interact with another friendly and gymnastic animal, the Sea Lion. 

This can be a learning experience as wildlife experts will be present to teach your children some fun facts regarding these beautiful creatures of nature. 

Slip and slide on water slides and rides all around the Aquaventure Waterpark.

Desert Exploration

Experience the beautiful deserts of the UAE to the fullest by going on a desert safari with your family. Adventure awaits as you can explore the dunes on a desert buggy, a 4×4 jeep, or a quad bike. 

To fully experience the natural beauty, spend your evening there to be mesmerized by the sunset while enjoying delicious Arabic cuisine in your tents. 

Palm Islands

These man-made islands were created with the idea of forming a place packed with activities of various types for people of all ages. Everything is there for you to choose from, from beaches, zoos, and aquariums to malls, hotels, and resorts. 

Get to experience the world’s biggest fountain display at night. 


Dubai is the perfect city for a dinner cruise, as its modern infrastructure and beautiful crystal-clear waters complement each other. Most of the popular cruises are at the biggest man-made marina in the world, the Dubai Marina. 

The cruises are available for dinner and lunch, depending on your choice. The experience is, without a doubt, worth every penny as you will be eating exquisite Arabic food on a cruise ship in the heart of Dubai’s glamorous infrastructure.


The United Arab Emirates is the best travel destination for you and your family. The things you can do in your leisure time are endless as there is something for everyone to do. 

Another plus point is the value of money compared to other popular travel destinations; it offers more than anywhere else. 

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