Gifts for Cruisers {13 Expert Tested Options}

As you develop your holiday (or birthday) shopping lists, looking at someone’s hobbies or passions is definitely a good idea. Doing that can give you so many great gift ideas. When you personalize your gift list, you know the item will be used and it also shows that you appreciate the recipient’s hobbies and passions.

Do you have someone who loves to cruise on your list? Frequent cruisers may already have some of these items, but they could need a refresh. Someone with a cruise in their upcoming vacation plans will definitely need and want some of these gifts for cruisers. If they don’t take cruise vacations too frequently, consider something with more broad use that they can use for other vacations as well.

After five cruises in the past year (and over a dozen total), I’ve put together this list of items that are helpful to have on a cruise and would be great gift ideas for cruise lovers. I’m listing both what I own and links to other places to purchase these types of items.

Here are some of the best cruise gift ideas.

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Beach bag on a table on a stateroom balcony

Gifts for Cruisers {13 Expert Tested Options}

Luggage Tags

If you have checked bags for your cruise, you’ll hand those off at the port before going into the port terminal. Every cruise line handles cruise luggage tags differently. Disney Cruise Line will ship them directly to your home, while Royal Caribbean provides pdfs that you print out and add to your bag yourself. Because it’s so important that your luggage is easily identified, I like to have a plastic luggage tag on my bags that I can place the paper Royal Caribbean printout in.

We have these plastic luggage tag holders which were specifically made for the tags that Royal Caribbean provides. There are other options on Amazon, including these which were made for the Norwegian cruise line.

White charging cords including USB, Apple Watch, and lightning plug.

Charging Cords

So many electronics, so few outlets. While the newer cruise ships have been made with many more outlets, it’s become more and more difficult to find space to plug everything in. Cruise lines generally confiscate power strips and surge protectors now, so those aren’t an option.

If your gift recipient travels with Apple products, like an Apple watch, iPhone, and AirPods, I really like this 3-in-1 power cord on Amazon. It includes an Apple Watch charger and two Apple Lightning cords and plugs into a USB adaptor. It’s also a great stocking stuffer.

Beach Bag

If your gift recipient is traveling to a beach destination on their cruise, a beach bag can be a great option. It’s got broad use, so they’ll be able to utilize it being their cruise vacation. The right beach bag can even be used as a carry-on on a flight, as a cruise day bag, and on shore excursions.

My favorite beach bag is from Aloha Collection. It’s got a full zipped top, which helps keep sand and water out of the bag. It packs small in a checked bag or can be used as a carry-on bag. Aloha Collection is sold in many stores, including Amazon.

Toiletry Bags

Cruise cabins are notoriously small. I like to have a hanging toiletry bag that I can bring in and out of the bathroom as I need it. Most bathrooms have a towel hook you can hang it from.

I like the Vera Bradley hanging toiletry bag, which can be folded up and then unfolded and hung. I keep it full of toiletries and makeup for travel because I travel frequently. It’s sold in a variety of different patterns and colors so you’ll be able to find something that your gift recipient will love.

Cadence Capsules

These reusable capsules are heavily advertised on Facebook and Instagram, so you may already be familiar with them. After seeing ads over and over again, I decided to make a purchase, and they are now one of my favorite travel items.

Cadence Capsules are magnetic, and have a wide opening so you can easily add products. They are the right size for carry-on, and you can just fill them from your larger bottles at home. Tiles at the top can be customized as labels, and if you change what’s in the bottle you can purchase new customized tiles.

These are a great gift for cruisers or any other frequent traveler. Because they are a splurge, they may be something the recipient doesn’t already own. They are also one of the most unique gift ideas on this list.

Reusable Water Bottle

I drink a lot of water, especially when I travel. A reusable water bottle is a great way to make sure you always have some water at hand. Many cruise lines have refill stations for water bottles, so having one can help save money since you won’t have to purchase bottled water.

Of course, a really nice reusable bottle is also useful in everyday life, so it’s a great gift. My two favorite brands for gifts are Corksicle and Hydro Flasks. There are lots of different patterns and colors offered.

Travel Wallet/Passport Holder

Cruisers typically have to carry their passports and other travel documentation to show at the port, and when returning. A nice travel wallet or passport holder is a great gift idea.

I prefer to carry a larger travel wallet rather than a holder for a single passport. That way, I can hold other things like cruise documentation, multiple passports, a Global Entry card, boarding passes, etc.

This leather wallet from Amazon is great for a family because it can hold several passports as well as other essential documentation. This one comes in several different leather colors.

Kate Spade Minnie Lanyard with a red bow


Most cruise lines (with the exception of Virgin Voyages) utilize key cards. Your key card will be used to open the stateroom door, leave and return to the ship during port stops, and charge purchases, so they are very frequently accessed. As a result of that, many cruisers wear them on cruise lanyards so they are conveniently located.

Some cruise lines (like the Disney Cruise Line), give a very basic cruise lanyard to Castaway Club members. For others, they can be purchased in the onboard gift shops for an additional fee along with other cruise accessories.

I really love this Kate Spade New York Minnie lanyard, which is great for a Disney Cruise. There are lots of other lanyard options available on Amazon. While some of these lanyards also have room for cash or credit cards, they usually aren’t needed. However, it is nice to have space for a driver’s license when you leave the ship.

Small Handbag

While I bring a large tote around the theme parks, I usually only carry a small handbag on a cruise. I really only need to carry a few items with me (like my cell phone, lip balm, and EpiPens) at a time, since I can always go back to my stateroom to get whatever I need.

My current favorite is the Lululemon Belt Bag. They often sell out, but if you can get ahold of one online or in-store, it’s can be the perfect gift. I also like wearing it on the plane so I have my AirPods and other necessities right at my fingertips.

Towel Clips

Cruises can be windy, so towel clips are important for making sure your beach towel stays on your lounge chair. Towel clips are easy to pack and are great stocking stuffers. There’s a selection of them available on Towel bands serve the same purpose, but I prefer the clips.

Travel Pouch

When it’s the end of your cruise and you have a wet swimsuit, where do you pack it? I love these travel pouches from Aloha Collection. They completely close with a zipper at the top, so I use them in my beach bag at the beach to hold my electronics. Then, when it’s time to go home, I put my wet swimsuits in them so the contents of my luggage don’t get wet and sandy.

They are available on in a variety of patterns.

Note that these aren’t dry bags – they aren’t meant to be submerged and can’t get completely soaked. They are more of a water resistant pouch, but I find them to be perfect for a day at the beach or pool deck. If your gift recipient is likely to participate in water sports, a dry bag may be a better option.

Gift Cards

If you know your gift recipient is traveling on a specific cruise line in the near future, a gift card is a good idea. While usage may vary, cruise gift cards can usually be used for onboard purchases, like spa treatments, alcohol, and entertainment. They can be one of the best gifts for experienced cruisers who may already have most of the items on this list.

Pink packing cubes of different sizes

Packing Cubes

I’ve written quite a bit about packing cubes. I find them to be one of the most convenient ways to pack. They can organize your clothing by style or day, and also compress things to make them fit better in your luggage. You’ll have some extra space in your bag for even more clothes or other accessories!

I like taking packing cubes on cruises because the storage space may vary in your cruise cabin. Some ships, like the Disney Wish, have very open shelves, and packing cubes can keep things organized. Once you use them, you won’t want to go on vacation without them!

When purchasing packing cubes, you’ll find different colors and styles. I recommend getting a different color for every member of your family so you’ll know what belongs to each person immediately after opening the suitcase.

Which of these useful gifts are you planning to purchase for the avid cruisers on your list this holiday season?

Beach bag on small table on stateroom balcony

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