GQ Reader-Beloved Cyber Monday 2022 Deals That Are Still Going Strong

Black Friday and Cyber Monday came and went, and so did the sales, but many of the epic deals are still going and going today on what’s known as Giving Tuesday (basically another made-up feel-good holiday, likely intended to cancel out the capitalist free-for-all that preceded it).

We’ve spent the past few weeks surfacing the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and boy, were GQ readers feeling the sales and opening their wallets. Best part of it all is (depending on how you look at it), many of these top-selling items are still on sale. So, you may be cursing yourself if you spent Thanksgiving Day surfing a pre-sale only to find out the sale…is still…going, but if you didn’t close the deal on a wishlist item before the stroke of midnight, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve still got time to scoop something nice.

We’ll admit some of these deals aren’t quite as good as they were before, but that’s what you get for waiting until after the biggest shopping days of the year to finally make your purchases. Either way, you’ll still be saving money, and these are admittedly still primo deals. Without further ado, here are all the things our loyal GQ readers bought in droves during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and which just so happen to still be on sale.

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