How to Dress in France Women Over 40

Alright, the big reveal:  what I wore in Paris.

A rainy day in Paris. That’s the day Kelly and I had a photography session scheduled with the a-ma-zing Katie Donnelly Photography an American in Paris who is quite the talented photographer. If you are visiting Paris with your family, the hubs or maybe you just want gorgeous photographs to capture your time in the city of lights I highly recommend Katie. She and her team are so easy to work with and you will come away from your session with beautiful memories captured through a lens.

Today’s post also includes photos I snapped during our trip. Montmartre is featured today along with the Dior Flagship in Paris. If you want to oooohhh and awe over couturiere fashion then stop by Dior. It doesn’t disappoint. Kelly and I made our way to the top of the store, stopped at the bar for cocktails and went on our merry way. This store is truly a feast for the eyes.

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