How To Eat For Aging Skin In Menopause, From MDs

We likely don’t have to remind you that what you consume shows up on your skin. It’s not a secret that at any age, a lack of whole, natural foods can impact your skin’s health from within. Specifically, you may want to avoid diets high in refined sugar, which have been linked to hardening and fragmentation of collagen in the skin1.

Even if you limit refined sugar and high-glycemic index foods, what staples should you prioritize? According to board-certified dermatologist Sarv Zand, M.D., founder of Zand Dermatology and dermatologist advisor for Stripes, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods are a must. 

“We recommend focusing on fish, salads, nuts, and veggies, and eliminating sugar, carbs, and dairy, she previously told mbg. OB/GYN Alyssa Dweck, M.D., echoes this recommendation on the mindbodygreen podcast: “Typically, in gyno world, we recommend the Mediterranean diet,” she notes.

Why are these foods so important for aging skin? Well, there are a couple reasons:

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