Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Stunning, Makeup-Free Skin

Notorious for both her ageless, radiant complexion and her famous hair ‘dos from her time on Friends, Jennifer Aniston has always been an icon for all things beauty. Though “the Rachel”—Aniston’s famously sleek, layered bob sported throughout the sitcom—is what launched the actress into the realm of hair-related stardom, the celeb took to Instagram this past Wednesday to show off her post-shower routine, flaunting her freshly-washed waves and her natural, makeup-free visage.

“Air dry and a little bit of @lolavie,” reads the caption on Aniston’s IG reel where she playfully styles her freshly washed hair in a simply robe and complimented by her stunning, bare face. Lolavie, Aniston’s haircare brand, operates under the mantra to “give yourself a little love,” which Jen clearly embodies throughout her fun and honest reel. Aniston shows herself dropping a small amount of Lolavie’s Lightweight Hair Oil ($32) into her hands with eyes comically wide, before running the product through her hair and scrunching her natural waves for some added definition.

After completing her simple yet effective post-shower hair routine, Aniston includes clips of her cheekily smiling and posing in her navy blue robe, showing off her effortless natural beauty. With her natural waves and flawless complexion on display, the star exudes the aura of self-love that she, and her brand, are always trying to promote.

Though it’s easy to get caught up in presenting our “best selves” all the time on social media, Jennifer Aniston is the perfect role model for us all to learn to embrace our natural beauty and not take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes, we all need to do some hair-ography in our favorite robe.