Julia Fox’s Floor-Grazing Hair Looks Like It Came from Another Galaxy – See Photos

“Greetings, Earth. Julia Fox here, donning just one of the many extraterrestrial beauty looks I simply concocted on my own.” In my brain, this is what the Uncut Gems (ahem, Uncuh Gamz) actor says before she steps into the New York City limelight every single day with her edgy and often divisive glamour. Exhibit A: The “Fox Eye,” a signature makeup look of Fox’s for which she filmed a viral makeup tutorial on social media. It’s not her only out-there invention — looking at you, flying saucer brows

Although, it often does take a village when putting any celebrity beauty look together, as proven by hairstylist Evanie Frausto on November 10, when he shared behind-the-scenes footage of Fox’s hair transforming into a floor-grazing mane for ES Magazine’s September cover shoot.

That’s not an exaggeration, by the way. The ends of her faux lengths did, in fact, graze the tips of her pointed-toe boots. In the first photo, Fox’s hair was middle-parted and styled pin-straight, draping down from over her left shoulder. In the second photo, Fox held onto a loop of cable wires with one hand on her hip, her leg held up to her neighboring thigh, and her hair in a tousled, disheveled style. There may have been even some pieces of clay dispersed in the hair at some point. 

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