Julia Jacklin Covers Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”: Watch

Julia Jacklin loves Céline Dion. A few months ago, when the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter was getting ready to release her new album Pre-Pleasure, she repeatedly named Céline as an influence on the record — not aesthetically, necessarily, but spiritually. Jacklin wanted to embrace the sheer comforting pleasure of music, and Céline, along with Robyn and Luther Vandross, became one of her avatars. Talking to Consequence Of Sound, Jacklin explained it:

I feel like it’s a bit of a personality test for me now. If someone is shit-talking Céline Dion, I’m like, “What do you find joy in?” I’m not saying everyone has to like Céline Dion, but it’s so easy to not take that kind of artist seriously. But they are so beloved and they obviously are doing something that really connects with people, and that is so valuable.

At a show in Madrid last Thursday night, Julia Jacklin made that connection a little more official. During her set, Jacklin covered Céline Dion’s 1997 Titanic love theme “My Heart Will Go On,” one of the most recognizable songs in history. It’s not easy to cover that song without turning it into a joke, but Jacklin’s rendition was spare and sincere, and there was absolutely no wink to it. The crowd, to their great credit, sang along. Watch a fan-made video below.

Pre-Pleasure is out now on Polyvinyl. Check out our interview with Julia Jacklin here.

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