Lizzo Put a Whole-Ass Landscape On Her Hair – See Video

Lizzo hit home turf on Wednesday, October 26, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, to host a very special concert in one of the cities where she grew up. For a full-circle moment as wholesome as this one, she paid homage to “H-TAHN” with the a skyline view airbrushed onto her platinum-blonde wig

According to the Houston Chronicle, the canvas actually represents Houston’s Downtown skyline. Texas-based artist @dreams2realityairbrush was enlisted by Lizzo’s resident hairstylist, Shelby Swain, to design the landscape throughout the body of her hair. 

Shades of neon yellow permeated the crown while hot-pink hues dip-dyed the ends. The skyline landscape airbrushed onto her rapunzel-length wig was surrounded by a body of pink water along with blue stars ranging from small to big.

Makeup artist Alexx Mayo amped up the look with a fuchsia ombré lip as well. Lizzo’s liking for vibrant colors is nothing new or out of the ordinary for the musician. If anything, it has become a part of her signature image and has allowed her glam team to creatively flourish.

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