Lizzo’s Platinum-Blonde Hair Is Bright and Creamy All at Once – See Video

Not only have Lizzo‘s songs gone platinum, but her hair color has officially gone platinum, too. It’s a shade of blonde we’ve never seen the multi Grammy award-winning singer wear before — and hey, if we’re being given the chance to conflate her talents and glamour all at once, best believe we’ll take the look and run with it.

Of course, would any of Lizzo’s hair color transformations be complete without its own moment on the ‘gram? On October 22, she posted a video in which she hopped onto a neon-lit party bus, twerking her way through the bus’s mini dance floor right before she hit her next Special tour concert date in Atlanta, Georgia. 

She gave a side-swept profile view with both hands clutched onto a seat and her blonde layers fully in the scene – the hair color looked just as bright as her sparkling Prada bag and bedazzled shades. The new shade is as creamy as platinum blonde can get. 

Resident hairstylist Shelby Swain is roading the tour with her and styled the look for the night in soft curls throughout the ends of her hair. Swain styled her voluminous side-parted look with half of her hair tucked behind the ear, save for just one small lock of hair peeking out by the temple. Lizzo later shared a set of photos providing further visual details, and let’s just say the platinum hue was in full force from her perfectly swooped baby hairs down to the very tips of her hair. 

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