Maayan Zilberman’s Best Beauty Tips & Product Recommendations

I’ve been emailing with Maayan Zilberman—artist, confectioner, founder of Sweet Saba, and quite possibly one of the chicest women in New York—on and off for several months now about an assortment of work-related inquiries. Even over email, I could glean she was kind, whip-smart, generous with her time and self, and had exquisite taste in all things wellness, beauty, and fashion.

On that latter point, she was actually one of the very first people I had in mind of featuring when we crafted this series. I simply had to know what beauty products she’s been into lately—and if I knew that intel, then it’s only right I’d share it with all of you, too.

And let me tell you, my dear mbg beauty fam: She did not disappoint. Over an hourlong video chat, she shared enough product recommendations and tips to last me a lifetime. (OK, at the very least to get me through winter.) There were tales of wearing lipstick to bed, neroli-infused oils from a small-batch luxury brand I’d never even heard of, and so much more.

Here, exactly what Zilberman has been up to lately.

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