Of Course, Doja Cat Makes Baby Bangs Look Normal — See Photos

Doja Cat is weird in the best way possible. She’s proven that she’s not worried about trying to fit within a box or looking traditionally “beautiful,” which has led to some pretty iconic looks if you ask us. Her Fashion Week looks are a prime example. 

In early September, for instance, she showed out at Vogue World with white webbed makeup that covered her entire head and face, which was just the beginning of all the jaw-dropping moments to come. During Paris Fashion Week, at the A.W.A.K.E Mode spring-summer 2023 show, she covered her body in gold pigment, looking like a gilded statue, and for Monot’s show, she arrived with a chalk-white face with blue makeup around the perimeter of her face and right below her cheekbones.

After nearly a month of unforgettable beauty moments and a brief break, she’s back with another eye-catching number: a blunt bob and short bangs that would fill Edna Mode and Lord Farquad with envy. The California-raised rapper shared two Instagram posts on October 17, showing off her new pitch-black blunt cut, smoky eye makeup, and razor-thin eyebrows. The ends of this sharp cut fell right before her chin area with a short fringe that stops about an inch before those super thin eyebrows. 

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