Our 2022 Daily Family Advent Activities

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Happy December 1st! We’re so excited to start our family advent activities for this year today. We usually have a few daily activities, and then have special events throughout the season.

Here’s a look at what our daily family advent activities look like this year!

Morning Scripture + Service Idea

Each morning, we read one verse of scripture that’s connected to a simple idea for service we can each do that day. I love that this starts the day out by thinking of others and will hopefully inject some peace into our mornings. The ideas for service range from extremely simple (smile at 5 people) to slightly more involved (put together plastic bags of socks, water bottles, and snacks to keep in our car to hand out to people in need).

Light An Advent Candle

We got a beautiful spiral advent candle holder a couple years ago (similar to this one) and it’s lovely to light one candle each day.

Sing A Song

We love starting our evening advent activities with a song. I occasionally play the piano if it’s an easier song, or we just listen to the recordings on the interactive music player on our church’s website.

The 25 Days of Christ daily devotional is one of our favorite advent activities to focus on the religious aspect of the season. Each day has a simple and beautiful ornament representing some aspect of Christ’s life. We also read one page from the accompanying booklet that explains the significance of the ornament with a scripture and quote. If you’d like your own, you can use the code PASSPORT20 for 20% off your order.

We started doing the Jacquie Lawson interactive advent calendar last year and it was a delight! Each day has a little Christmas-themed animation and it’s so sweet and fun. It only takes a few minutes but we all enjoy it together. Last year’s was set in London and this year’s is in Sussex.

It’s inexpensive so we sent copies to our siblings to join in the fun, too!

Picture Book Advent

This might just be my number one favorite advent activity! Each year, I wrap up 25 of our favorite Christmas picture books (actually I probably wrap about 40 – several days are doubled up when they are short books) and we open and read one each evening. It’s the best way to make sure we get to read all our favorites and spend some sweet time together.


My kids would undoubtedly say this is their favorite advent activity, ha. We get the cheap $1 chocolate advent calendars from Trader Joe’s for the kids and they love them.

Then we usually get a fancier one for ourselves because we’re adults and we’re allowed to do that. 😉 This year, we went a bit overboard and got this hot chocolate advent calendar along with this marzipan advent calendar, as well as this nice chocolate advent calendar.

Do you celebrate Christmas or do any advent activities? I’d love to hear about them and what you love!


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