My sweater is 50% off! Which is crazy because it’s just now getting cold…ish here. Which is why I love fall and winter because retailers jump the gun on the warm clothes, starting in like August so by the time we need it, it’s on sale. I can’t tell if I should add a chef’s kiss here or an evil laugh. Actually maybe both. So yes, lots of things are on sale at J.Crew including this oh-so-cozy pullover. I am in the medium, fit is TTS but a generous fit.

Shop my pullover here.

I am rounding up my favorite shoes for my shoe fall guide for 2022 next week (yes, it’s back!! ) and I have to be honest, these boots are high on my list. I’ve been wearing them a lot and it’s throwing me off guard because they are very classic and I’ve been into the more trendy boots this fall. But you know that’s the thing with classics, they never go out of style. These boots are comfortable and hit my ankle at a nice place where it doesn’t rub. They are also on sale for …28% off, which is very precise, J.Crew. They fit TTS, so if you like a classic bootie you can find them here!

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