The 7 Best Inversion Tables Of 2022 For Immediate Muscle Relief

From the same brand, this table is also registered with the FDA as Class 1 medical devices indicated to treat sciatica along with back pain, herniated discs, muscle tension, and several other conditions. Out of all the brand’s models, this is the most deluxe (and the most expensive). It has many of the same features as the Teeter EP-560 Ltd. (acupressure nodes, an adjustable lumbar bridge, hand grips at the top of the frame), with a few additional benefits that make it a good choice if you have sciatica.

The ankle grips have a wrap-around design that helps you feel safe and secure, and they’re lined in a comfortable foam. What sets this chair apart most is the longer ankle lock handle, which can be controlled by the push of a button. The lever makes it easy to lock and unlock, without needing to bend over and reach. There’s also a secondary gravity-activated lock that will set into place as you rotate into your inversion, as a precautionary safety measure.

Like the EP-560, this bed allows you to lock out in full inversion and use controlled rotation to return to an upright position but adds on an eight-point floating suspension system that lifts the bed off the frame for additional flexion. It uses a pre-marked tether system instead of a lock and pin, so you can set the table at a 15-, 30-, or 60-degree angle or customize to the degree you prefer. Not sure where to begin? Download the brand’s free app and you’ll have access to a ton of tutorials, how-to videos, and guided inversion sessions.

What Customers Say:

Another highly rated pick, this table has a 4.7 overall rating on Amazon, with a good chunk of reviews mentioning sciatica. One person writes, “About two months ago for the first time in my life I had a bout of sciatica. I couldn’t find relief no matter how I sat or lay down. By chance this table was on sale and I ordered it. I religiously lay in it for five minutes a day. maybe two or three times, if I feel my back getting tight. These are the facts. I haven’t had another sciatic nerve spasm. I haven’t had any severe back pain in close to two months.”

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