Good Monday morning from Tennessee! While I wish I could tell you we would have been at that Alabama/Tennessee game (how crazy was that?!), we just got to Gatlinburg yesterday. David and I made it back from Annapolis Friday late afternoon in time to watch Hailey (and Kaitlyn, as she subbed in!) at soccer. Then we grabbed Chinese takeout to bring home and eat.

Saturday we were back at the soccer fields, then joined friends at BoatYard LKN for some nachos, wine, and watching the Michigan/Penn State game. Over the last 5 days I’ve been eating a lot, enjoying a lot of libations, not moving all that much, and though it’s been fun, I’m starting to feel it.

That’s been a good thing about getting better at listening to my body over the years; I’ve found it’s pretty darn clear when I’ve had enough indulgences and it’s ready to steer me back toward a better balance.

Knowing we were heading to The Overlook, we got up on Sunday and knocked out an early morning workout. I knew I wouldn’t be cooking much on this trip, as our days are scheduled with fun. We’re going to Dollywood, on some hikes in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, maybe a museum or two, and of course finding everywhere we can to take in the views of the changing leaves! Most times we’ve visited, it’s been to work on projects, so while we’ll be doing a little of that, this trip we promised the kids we’d check out the fun that the area has to offer.

I’m not going to be cooking much, but still wanted some healthier options to have around. I ran by Costco and Publix to grab a few things to bring with us- ready to bake salmon, bagged salads, yogurt, fruit, pistachios, cottage cheese, eggs, and kombucha.

We got here yesterday late afternoon and had the most relaxing evening. I baked the salmon (and a lasagna for the kids). We played ping pong and the kids got really into the arcade game (it has something like 3,000 old school video games on it), and went on a walk to take in the views. I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures with you, and if you have a favorite restaurant or activity in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, please share. We enjoyed getting to explore The Sky Lift Park on our last visit.

And if you’d like to visit the Smokies yourself, check out Sweet Home Bearolina, for the quiet side of the Smokies and long range views, or The Overlook, to be right in the action of Gatlinburg and back up to the national park. We’d be honored to host you! New websites coming soon for both! Cheers (with tea!) to the beauty of mid-October…

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