The Vacation Dress to End All Vacation Dresses

You guys. Are you seeing this? My big 5 year old who is usually way too cool for me asked to pose in a photo. My heart leaped out of my dress and onto the floor as you can see by that big smile. This sweet girl wanted to show her pretty dinner dress off too and I totally get it. I honestly want the whole ‘fit in my size. Your move, Boden, come through for your adult babies over here. (PS: if you buy Boden for your little ones, it’s 30% off this weekend!)

This maxi dress is made of dreams. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. It swirls, it twirls, hides stains. That’s right I got some pizza on my dress and would you know it? Of course not. I don’t even know how to launder this thing, but that’s besides the point. Also, I don’t do laundry in my dreams and since this is a dream dress, that arrangement is perfect. I am in the medium and it’s a bit big. It is adjustable but it doesn’t necessarily stay adjusted, so I’d say size down! This dress is perfect for a beach vacation, a summer party or event or perhaps even a Cabo vacation (this is me manifesting. I need to wear this dress somewhere else ASAP.) You can find it via Farm Rio here or if you prefer Shopbop, here!


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