This Is the Most Popular Fitness Class in the Country

Fitness trends come and go, but it looks like a classic practice still holds the top spot as the most popular fitness class in the country. According to research conducted by experts at Fitness Volt, yoga classes are the most searched for fitness class in 16 states, making it the most popular across America.

It’s not terribly surprising that yoga was the most commonly searched for fitness class in states like New York and California. However, the interest in the ancient practice also spanned states like Arkansas and Illinois. The Northeast, including Connecticut and Massachusetts, were also searching fervently for yoga classes.

The second most Googled fitness class across the country is Pilates. Research shows the practice has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. It’s the most Googled fitness class in 11 states, including Florida, Oklahoma and Washington. Zumba takes the third spot, with ten states searching for Zumba classes more than any other fitness class. States in the West, like Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming, seemed to search for Zumba the most.

In fourth and fifth place are BodyPump and boxing, respectfully. A Fitness Volt spokesperson said the data shows that the unmatched popularity of yoga shows no signs of slowing down.