This Korres Yogurt Cleanser Completely Soothes My Sensitive, Tomato-Red Skin: Editor Review

The consistency of this cleanser is also luxuriously creamy and manages to take off a full day of grime with a single wash. I don’t use pre-cleansers or makeup-removing balms because I don’t have to — this Korres cleanser gets rid of every drop of concealer, tinted BB cream, highlighter, eyebrow gel, and — wait for it — mascara.

More importantly, this gentle solution removes all of my makeup without stripping my skin of all moisture and/or making it feel uncomfortably tight, dry, and in need of ten pounds of cream. I usually go in with a cleansing balm on my lashes to double-check that the cleanser picked up every last speck of mascara, and voila — the cotton round comes back clear every single time. The only exception is when I’m wearing several coats of mascara and kohl eyeliner.

But the crème de la crème of this cream cleanser is how effectively it tackles chronic redness. My complexion tends to become irritated as soon as I remove my makeup, but it’s a rosacea symptom that’s become nonexistent since I started using this product, and the effects last, too. I wake up with an even tone that remains as such throughout the following day. 

I actually hadn’t realized how effective this product was until a week-long vacation left me with a competitor’s travel-size bottle — and the redness came back immediately. I’ve been using the Korres cleanser religiously ever since and my redness (as well as excess dryness) has been totally manageable as a result. Ta-ta, tomato-inspired sheen.

Korres Greek Yogurt Foaming Cleanser

While the Korres Greek Yogurt Foaming Cleanser does cost a pretty penny ($28, to be exact), due to the creamy consistency and rich lather, a little dollop goes a long way. I’ve had my current bottle for about three months and I’m pretty sure it’s still half-full. So, if you struggle with both excess redness and dryness, give the Korres Greek Yogurt Foaming Cleanser a whirl and shop it right now at

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