TRIED & TESTED // BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum review

Blockhead energy gum review

I have a one year old who is VERY busy. Like throwing herself off furniture and suddenly disappearing only to turn up on the other side of the playground busy. It’s wonderful – we are big into independent women – but it is also exhausting and that means if someone offers me something (anything) with caffeine in it I say yes, no questions asked. Which is just what happened when BLOCKHEAD asked if I fancied trying their energy gum. Caffeine I can shove in my pocket and then shove in my face as I need it? Yes please!

BLOCKHEAD energy gum is a peppermint chewing gum with fast acting caffeine which gives you an immediate boost and improved performance – whether that’s in the gym or on the jungle gym (have you ever been to soft play? It is a workout!). Working in just 5 minutes you’ll be ready to take on the universe in no time. 

While I might be using BLOCKHEAD energy gum to keep up with a toddler, founder Danny Lowe developed the product off the back of his obsession with improving human performance. An inspirational lecture while he was at university led to him discovering how active ingredients like caffeine could be absorbed quickly through the gums to give athletes a fast performance boost. Danny’s Energy Gum was a hit on campus helping fellow students cram for exams, improve their sports performance and, unexpectedly, deal with their hangovers. 

First Impressions

On first impression BLOCKHEAD energy gum doesn’t look like anything special. I mean that in the nicest possible way, it just looks and tastes like your average sugar free chewing gum. Give it 5 minutes though and you’ll realise you’re chewing something a bit different. The caffeine hit is gentle and controlled, but it is definitely there and it definitely made a difference to my energy levels during a particularly brutal mid-morning crash. 

The Nitty Gritty

Although it sounds daft, chewing gum has been used as a delivery mechanism for years and it’s proved to be pretty good at its job – nicotine gum, for example, has helped millions of people quit smoking. BLOCKHEAD has used this knowledge and used it to find new ways of delivering functional boosts that are quick, easy and convenient. 

Chewing gum is a great delivery method of three reasons – speed of action, convenience and precision dosing;

Speed of Action – Gum can deliver an active ingredient (like caffeine) directly into the bloodstream via the gums, so it acts in just 5 minutes, compared to the 25 a traditional drink would need to take effect. 

Convenience – relying on a cup of coffee or caffeine tablets for your boost means at best you need to track down a bottle of water or at worse faff about making a coffee, and that’s before you wait nearly half an hour for it to take effect. With BLOCKHEAD energy gum you literally just pop it in your mouth and chew, 5 minutes later you’re ready to go. 

Precision Dosing – research suggests that for cognitive and physical benefits the optimal dose of caffeine is around 3mg per kilogram body weight, with significantly enhanced mental capacity seen in doses from 40-300mg. Each piece of BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum delivers 50my of high quality caffeine, which makes it super easy to workout and deliver your ideal personal dosage. 

The Impact

BLOCKHEAD energy gum has earned a permanent place in my backpack. It’s the perfect way to beat fatigue on the go and I know it will give me the boost I need when I need it. 

BLOCKHEAD makes products to boost performance and aid recovery, check out the full range at 

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