WFH Moms – How To Resolve Your Tech Issues Sooner Than Later

The work-from-home model is a boon for moms looking to raise a family without giving up on their careers. You can save hours by skipping the daily commutes, and being there for your kids when they need you the most is easy. But challenges abound for WFH moms because the work-life balance gets tricky while running house and office projects simultaneously. Moreover, you may encounter frustrating technical issues more than once. Fortunately, resolving them can be a breeze, provided you keep a level head and know the basics of IT troubleshooting. Here are some easy tips WFH moms swear by.

Begin with simple troubleshooting

Most common technical problems have easy solutions, but it is easy to miss out on them. All you need to do is to step back and pause, and you will get an idea sooner than later. For example, rebooting your computer resolves glitches more often than not. Unplug your printer and plug it back on to get it up and running again. If things do not work, take a break and try again. You will probably get a way out.

Make a list of potential issues

Practice listing the potential issues when something goes wrong while working from home. Prioritize the list as troubleshooting tech glitches logically and methodically helps in more than one way. You feel less overwhelmed, and finding solutions is easy, whether you do it yourself or seek assistance from a team member or IT support experts. Having things in writing means you hardly miss out on anything.

Stay calm and do some research

Staying calm should be a top priority for WFH moms encountering a tech issue because stress only worsens your problems. Almost every solution is available online in easy-to-understand steps. For example, you can check to address router-related issues. Likewise, you can find steps to fix a slow computer, call connectivity issues, and all other technical problems. Browsing the internet patiently to find a helpful resource is often good enough.

Run updated software

You can avoid most issues by running the latest software versions in the first place. Updating software prevents security issues, communication failures, and data corruption. But most remote workers fail to keep software up to date and land into problems at some point. You can automate updates if you feel too lazy to install them because your system will take care of the steps.

Seek remote assistance

Fortunately, business owners have in-house IT support teams to help WFH resources with troubleshooting day-to-day glitches. You should not hesitate to seek remote assistance if DIY fails to work. But try to be as clear and concise as possible in reporting your issue. End-users often fail to give the required information to IT experts. Try to be specific with details regarding the OS, software, and browser version. A screenshot is a good option to re-create the problem and show it to the expert.

As a WFH mom, you can expect to encounter tech challenges frequently. But it is possible to address most of them with patience and creativity. For the rest, you can easily seek remote assistance.


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