Why Am I Still Single? 12 Reasons + What To Do About It

First and foremost, many people remain single because they simply haven’t prioritized their dating life in any active way. They might dream of being in a committed relationship someday, yet they don’t make time for social events or dates, brush off people who express interest, and keep their lives so busy that they wouldn’t have time even if the right person came knocking on their door today. Work, exercise, friends, and hobbies take precedence, while dating is treated as an afterthought or given the ol’ “if it happens, it happens” energy.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with prioritizing other parts of your life over dating, and if that’s just what’s most important to you at this time, own that and do it proudly! You get to decide what your priorities are, and your dating life can happen on the timeline that you choose. As well, sometimes you’re in a period in your life when dating simply can’t be a priority, even if you want it to be (e.g., you’re raising young kids, you’re dealing with grief or mental health struggles, etc.)—so cut yourself some slack.

Just know that just as your career isn’t going to progress if you’re not putting focused attention on it, dating today often requires some initiative and intentionality. While some people might meet a romantic partner organically just by going about their life, whether or not that happens to any given person is random. So if it hasn’t been happening for you and you’re feeling yourself craving partnership at this time in your life, it may be time to start investing in your dating life a little more actively.

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